María Dolores Márquez de Prado y de Noriega


Studied Law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. In 1978, she joined the Judicial Career by passing the public examination. The following year, she joined the Prosecutors Office. In 1980 she is named Prosecutor of the Audiencia Provincial de Guipúzcoa. In November of the same year, she progressed to the Prosecutor Office of the Audiencia Nacional, where she remained until May 1997, moving to the Audiencia Provincial of Madrid. In November 1999 she was named Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, working at the social and criminal Chambers. In November 2007, she requested voluntary leave to practice law. She was also member of the Examination Board which grants access to the Judicial Career. Author of several publications of substantive and procedural criminal law, she often participates in courses and conferences of legal nature.